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Vegan CBD-infused ENTOURAGE Facial Wash. Sugar derived surfactants gently wash away grime for a fresh new start……one delightful and luxurious drop at a time. Sugar and Aloe-based, botanical wash created to gently clean and soothe your face. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Botanically infused with soothing and anti-inflammatory extracts of Cucumber, Goldenseal & Blue Flax. This foaming gel reduces skin irritation by decreasing the production of ICAM-1. THC-Free, Full-Flower Liposomal Cannabinoids (CBD/Hemp Hydro or Oil), and Aloe Vera heals all that ails your skin.

Key Ingredients: ORG Cucumber, Goldenseal & Blue Flax Extract, ORG Aloe Vera, 100mg/bottle (59mg/oz.) THC-Free, Full Flower Liposomal CBD/Hemp Oil (COA EXAMPLE), Botanicals, Asthanxin